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Any one who has ever ventured into the world of Hi-Fi will know that the sky is limit when looking to upgrade Hi-Fi components. There is always "something new", a latest development, the new "leading edge" device or technology.

But in truth, even a modest system can usually be refined and improved, if you know how (and perhaps understand why) ... and at a price that won't necessarily max-out your credit card. Of course, a good start to any audio system upgrade would be to purchase some Essence Audio Premium Series connector cables.

The Essence Audio Team will also be bringing you some useful help, hints and tips, based on many years of practical and hands-on experience, to help you maximise your audio enjoyment.

Articles will cover a range of audio, component and system related topics, aimed primarily at explaining what you can do, dispelling some audio myths, and helping you to make better decisions about your audio equipment investment into the future.

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